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Veterinary Assistant Course

Veterinary Assistant Certification Course

If you’re passionate about the health and well-being of animals, a veterinary assistant career could be the perfect fit for you. With the New York Institute of Career Development’s step-by-step online training, you’ll be ready to start a new career in a matter of months.

You will learn how to admit and discharge patients, interpret animal behavior, handle both healthy and sick animals, and maintain proper animal housing, sanitation, and nutrition. NYICD’s online Veterinary Assistant Course is designed to cover all of the Essential Skills for Assistant Training recommended by National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). All graduates receive a one-year NAVTA membership.

How It Works

  • Instantly access all your learning materials online
  • Work at your own pace, in your free time
  • Call, email or live chat with your advisors whenever you need help or advice
  • Earn your certification in a matter of months
  • Find a position in your new field with the help of our career resources

What You Get

  • Find a position in your new field with the help of our career resources
  • Unlimited access to a team of professional advisors
  • Veterinary assistant certificate from a nationally-accredited institution

NYICD offers simple, convenient online training to anyone looking to gain the independence that comes with a new career. Study anytime, anywhere at your own pace and get certified in a matter of months. Call 1 800-239-9275 or enroll online today.